“One of our best – if not the best decision – we’ve made in International Sales is working with Michael O’Malley in Asia. He’s extremely knowledgeable, thorough and, most importantly, consistently achieves or beats sales goals each year.”

— Judy Thomas, VP Marketing and Sales, Burton Medical Products USA

“Since Michael O’Malley started representing Bovie Aaron Medical, our sales have grown from next to nothing to our fastest growing market world wide.”

— Rob Saron, Bovie Medical

“Asian Medical, Inc. has been extremely effective and has achieved our goals in the Asia-Pacific region: significantly higher sales, new and improved dealers and better relationships with our existing dealers.”

— Suzanne Schroerlucke, Burton Medical

“With Michael’s work in developing a network of distributors, our Asia business has grown in double digit figures each year. Michael has helped us develop relationships with our dealer network that are mutually beneficial and long lasting.”

— Janis Dezso, Bovie Medical

“Burton Medical is very pleased with the marketing efforts by Asian Medical Inc. and Michael O’Malley. His knowledge of Asian business policies and culture is providing our company a continuing growth pattern. In Asia, our market share is increasing and customer awareness of Burton Medical lights is accelerating.”

— Connor W. Lamm, Burton Medical


Bovie Medical awarded Michael J. O’Malley its Manufacturers’ Representative of the Year Award for 2003.